Permits & Applications

  1. Permits are required for major projects, fixture swap outs, general repair and maintenance, demolition, and remodels require building permits.

  2. Building permits can be pulled by state licensed contractors, or as owner-builder if a homeowner qualifies. Building permits help ensure that all structures meet minimum building standards and regulations to protect the occupants and surrounding neighbors.

  3. Permits are also required for work relating to front yard: landscaping, walkways, and driveways; parkway landscaping; sheds; fences; and signs.

  4. The following work items do not require permits: painting interior or exterior walls, changes to flooring that does not involve breaking the floor slab does not require a permit.

For more information on what work requires a permit, or if approved plans are required before permit issuance, click on the links below, or call (310) 973-3230 and (310) 973-3236.

Different divisions process specific permit applications. Review each section below to determine which department or division to contact regarding a specific permit.

Locate and download the permit applications relating to the proposed scope of work. Review the links below to learn about permit requirements and when permits are required.


Building & Safety process permit applications for the following trades: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Sewer to alter, install, remove, or repair related fixtures.

Grading permits are required to move or cut dirt. Approved plans are required before permit issuance.

Roof work, demolition work, PV solar systems (commercial and residential), window and door change outs, and garage door change outs also fall under a Building Permit application.

The Planning Department review and process permit applications for work relating to:
  • Fences (altering, installing, repairing, removing)
  • Flatwork (front yard landscaping, driveway repair, installation of artificial turf or drought tolerant landscaping)
  • Shed (installing, relocating, or removing)
  • Signs and temporary banners (installing new signs, temporary signs, replacing existing signage, or updating existing signage)
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