City Council

The City Council provides overall policy direction for the City of Lawndale while ensuring efficient and effective municipal services. The City Council responds to citizen issues in a proactive manner, maintaining quality customer service goals.

Respond to citizen issues. Meet mandated governmental responsibilities. Provide policy direction for City services. Ensure efficient and effective services.


  • Improve the City's business environment and increase economic vitality.
  • Ensure that the City retains a sense of community and high quality of life characterized by permanent residency in well-maintained, attractive single- and multifamily neighborhoods suitable for all age and socio-economic groups.

  • Provide cost-effective, quality safety services and facilities that result in a safe environment for citizens to pursue professional and personal activities.
  • Provide municipal government leadership that is open and responsive to residential and corporate constituents, and characterized by stability, confidence in the future, and cooperative interaction among civic leaders, residents, business community and City staff, while recognizing and respecting legitimate differences of opinion on critical issues facing the City.

  • Operate the City government in a fiscally and managerially responsible and prudent manner.
  • Improve the City's Infrastructure and Public Facilities.
  • Provide for a comprehensive Street pavement and improvement project.

All members of the City Council are required by state law to file statements of economic interests. Copies of these statements may be obtained through the link below.

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