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The City of Lawndale is committed to supporting and strengthening its local businesses, to promote commercial prosperity, and viability. The City seeks to create partnerships with new and existing businesses to utilize and create resources to fulfill the main objectives outlined in the Economic Development Section of the General Plan: 

  • creating job opportunities,
  • providing a supportive and economically profitable environment as the foundation of a strong local business community,
  • maintaining and revitalizing commercial and industrial areas,
  • encouraging new, higher-intensity commercial and industrial activities in appropriate locations in the City,
  • bringing in businesses that meet the needs of residents and employees,
  • promoting the City's central location in the South Bay, and bolster the economic relationship with surrounding communities to create a more commercially viable region,
  • improve critical infrastructure within the City,
  • providing and expanding our essential services to our residents,
  • maintaining a diverse funding sources to keep the City stable and operational.

Interested in becoming a part of the "Heart of the South Bay" community? Contact Sean M. Moore, AICP, to discuss how.



Attention local residents, businesses owners, and community members!

Help shape the future of Lawndale by participating in the process to update our General Plan & Hawthorne Boulevard Specific Plan! Watch this video learn about the importance of this process.

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Opportunity Zone ID: 06037604100

"Opportunity Zones are economically distressed communities, defined by individual census tract, nominated by America’s governors, and certified by the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury via his delegation of that authority to the Internal Revenue Service. Under certain conditions, new investments in Opportunity Zones may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. There are 8,764 Opportunity Zones in the United States, many of which have experienced a lack of investment for decades. The Opportunity Zones initiative is not a top-down government program from Washington but an incentive to spur private and public investment in America’s underserved communities."

- from


Shop locally to support your community! See what new businesses have recently opened for business in Lawndale.

  • HIRSCH PIPE AND SUPPLY COMPANY Retail - (15611 Condon Avenue)
  • KING OF WINGS - Restaurant - (14406 Hawthorne Boulevard)
  • WSS SHOES -Retail - (14901 Hawthorne Boulevard)
  • TARGET - Retail - (14310 Hawthorne Boulevard)
  • AXIS SUPPLYAppliance Retail - (15438 Hawthorne Boulevard)
  • C&S NURSERYPlant Nursery - (4167 Marine Avenue)
  • BOSSA NOVA BRAZILLIAN CUISINE - Restaurant - (4460 Rosecrans Avenue)
  • PEP BOYS - Auto Service - (15820 Inglewood Avenue)
  • DEL TACO - Restaurant - (16606 Hawthorne Boulevard)


These businesses are currently getting ready to service the community very soon!

  • FAR FIELD BREWERY - Beer Manufacturing & Taste Room - (4460 Rosecrans Avenue)
  • PINEWAY FOOD PICK-UP - Commercial Kitchens - (16711 Hawthorne Boulevard)
  • MATEO'S ICE CREAM - Ice Cream Parlor - (14611 Hawthorne Boulevard)
  • HAMPTON INN HOTELBoutique Hotel - (15229 Hawthorne Boulevard)



In September 2020, the City of Lawndale offered qualifying small businesses an opportunity to receive $5,000 in grant funds to alleviate the fiscal impact caused by COVID-19, through a lottery system.

Forty-seven businesses applied for the grant. In November 2020, the City selected the lottery winners and in total, thirty-one businesses were awarded grants.

Check this page periodically to known when additional resources or opportunities are offered by the City of Lawndale.


Your business may qualify for a rebate if it closed or had reduced wastewater discharges due to COVID-19. This program provides a partial rebate of the fiscal year 2019-20 Sanitation District service charge payment made on your property tax bill. Contact the LA County Sanitation District ("LASCD") at to see if you qualify. The deadline to submit is June 30, 2021.



The Commercial Rehabilitation Program ("CRP"), was a program that provided financial assistance to property and/or business owners with the renovation of commercial buildings and structures within the City’s Commercial Rehabilitation Revitalization Zone (“Target Area”). The program funded grants, matched grants and/or loans to eligible commercially zoned and developed parcels of land located in the Target Area.

The program ended in 2012 when the State of California passed AB 1x26 which dissolved all Redevelopment Agencies ("RDA") within the state. A Successor Agency was established to wind down the operations of the RDA and continue local control over the former assets of the agency.

Any property owners that participated in the program that would like to: sell their property, refinance their property, or handle other matters relating to the program, you may contact the following staff members for assistance:

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