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How to Reduce Your "Waste"line

According to estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2008 each person in the United States created an average of 4.5 pounds of garbage per day. Since there were roughly 300 million people living in America at the time, together, they were generating approximately 1.35 billion pounds of garbage every day. It is time to trim our "waste"line!

As a resident of Lawndale you can actually save money by reducing the amount of garbage that you create. You are charged for trash service based on the size of your black trash container. If you currently have a 96-gallon trash container you are paying $215 per year. If you currently have a 35-gallon container you are paying $116 per year, that is $99 less than the annual cost for a 96-gallon container! A 64-gallon trash container is $166 per year, or $49 less per year than the 96-gallon container.

Don't know how to reduce the size of your trash container? Here are some steps that may help:

Check to see if you are filling your trash container every week, if not you may be able to downsize to a smaller container.

Are you placing all recyclable items in your blue recycling container instead of your black trash container? You are not charged for your blue recyclables container and you can receive an additional blue recycling container for no extra charge. If you are throwing recyclables in your black trash container - you are throwing money away! Refer to the list of acceptable recyclable materials listed on the inside of your container lid.

Make sure to place grass clippings and leaves in your green yard waste container and not your black trash container.

Are you worried that you may need more trash capacity a few times a year? No problem - as a Lawndale resident you receive two on-call "overage" pickups per year and four "bulky item" pickups per year for no additional charge. Just call Consolidated Disposal Service 24 hours before your regular collection day (800) 299-4898 to schedule these services. Residents also receive "overage" collection during the two weeks beginning December 26.

Call Consolidated Disposal Service's customer service today at (800) 299-4898 to change the size of your black trash container or order an additional blue recycling container. If you are 65 years of age or older you may be eligible for a 15% discount on all refuse services.

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