The best route to learning how to do anything is to find information first.

Emergency preparedness does not have to be hard: it is mostly using common sense and applying it to every day activities. However, ignorance regarding what perils are possible leads to fear, which leads to poor preparation, which may lead to ‘accidents', damage, and may add to our fears.

The more we learn about natural and man-made hazards, the better prepared we are to deal with possible events. Even if we don't actively do something, the knowledge gained is never wasted: as our awareness increases, so does our preparedness and comfort.

As long as we have choices, it's NOT a disaster!

There are many avenues to gaining knowledge and an understanding of health and safety: the Lawndale Library has reference materials available; the City of Lawndale's Emergency Preparedness Office offers exciting handouts and can assist in providing training classes; the County of Los Angeles/Office of Emergency Management and Sheriff's and Fire Departments also can provide much information and guidance on preparedness and programs available in the County.

Whatever your preparedness needs and interests are, there is a program available. But it is up to the individual to make the effort and commitment to follow through.

Additional information is available through the following internet links. Be aware -prepare!

The internet has lots of free information available regarding health, safety, emergency preparedness, and pets:

City of Lawndale:

Lawndale Elementary School District:

Federal Emergency Management Agency:

Department of Homeland Security:

Occupational Safety & Health Organization:

United States Geological Survey:

California National Guard:

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.):

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works:

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department:

Los Angeles County Fire Department:

Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management:

State of California Office of Emergency Management:

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