City Projects

The City of Lawndale is continuously in the process of improving the City for residents, employees, and visitors. The Engineering Department plans, designs, and implements large capital projects to protect and enhance community assets.

For information about any projects, please contact Public Works at (310) 973-3260.

Current Projects

  • Inglewood Avenue Street Improvement Project Phase I (156th St to 405 Fwy On-ramp and Manhattan Beach Blvd Widening)
  • FY 2020-21 Street Improvement Project:
    • Manhattan Beach Blvd from Rixford Ave  to Eastwood Ave
    • Eastwood Ave from Manhattan Beach Blvd to North End
    • Sayler Ave from Manhattan Beach Blvd  to North End
    • Avis Ave from Manhattan Beach Blvd  to North End
    • Osage Ave from Manhattan Beach Blvd  to North End
    • Rixford Ave from Manhattan Beach Blvd  to North End
    • Condon Ave from Manhattan Beach Blvd  to 156th St
    • 167th Street from Hawthorne Bl to 168th St
    • 165th Street from Hawthorne Bl to East End
    • 161st Street from Inglewood Ave to Grevillea Ave
    • 156th St from Inglewood Ave to Condon Ave

For more details about Lawndale's Capital Improvement Projects see the Public Works Section in the current Lawndalian.

Completed Projects:

  • Traffic Signal Installation at Marine Avenue & Osage Avenue
  • Traffic Signal Upgrade at Manhattan Beach Blvd & Hawthorne Blvd
  • Street Improvement Project:
    • Grevillea Ave between 159th Street to 167th Street
    • Freeman Ave between Marine Ave to 154th Street
    • 147th Street between Hawthorne Blvd to Prairie Ave
    • 159th Street between Firmona Ave to Grevillea Ave
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