Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution
The City of Lawndale contracts with the South Bay Center for Dispute Resolution (SBCDR) to provide a variety of alternative dispute resolution services, including conciliation, mediation, and group facilitation. Their services are confidential, convenient, and free to those who are referred to the service by a staff member of the City of Lawndale.

Dispute Resolution Services Include:

  • Neighbors - property lines, yard maintenance, pets, parking, noise
  • Landlord/Tenant - security deposits, repairs, evictions, privacy
  • Business/Consumer - refunds, repairs, warranties, deposits
  • Domestic - roommates, domestic partners, family members, friends
  • Homeowners Association - repairs, CCR's, board/owner issues
  • Workplace - employee/employer, employer/employee, dismissal, wages
  • Multi-party/Multi-issue - complex and/or regional issues that involve many people/public agencies

For more information, please visit the South Bay Center for Dispute Resolution.

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