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What Requires Permits?
Verify If Your Address is in Lawndale
Who Can Obtain a Permit?
Building vs. Planning Permit
Requirements for Contractors
Requirements for Owner-Builder
Look Up Contractor License Information
What Requires Permits?
Major projects, fixture swap outs, general repair, demolition, and remodels require that building permits be pulled by a licensed contractor or a qualified owner-builder. This is necessary to ensure that all structures meet minimum standards which will protect is occupants and neighbors.

Major remodels, demolition, additions, floor plan changes, and new structures require an approved Site Plan Review and Building Plan Check review before permits can be issued. Please contact the Planning Department if plans will be required for your proposed work.

Download: "When Do You Need a Permit" information sheet
Verify If Your Address is in Lawndale

If a property is located between Prairie Ave to Crenshaw Blvd, the property is located in LA County unincorporated area. This area is not serviced by the City of Lawndale.

View the Zoning Map to determine if your property is within the City's boundaries.

List of streets in Unincorporated Area (Not Serviced by Lawndale):
Arbor Ln, Aviation Blvd, Bodger Ave, Cerise Ave, Chadron Ave, Codary Ave, Cottage Ln, Cranbrook Ave, Doty Ave, Eriel Ave, Ermantia Ave, Faysmith Ave, Florwood Ave, Fonthill Ave, Garden Ln, Gerkin Ave, Kornblum Ave, Lemoli Ave, Patronella Ave, Polly Ave, Roselle Ave, Yukon Ave.

If the property's address is between 3000 - 3900 (from 144th Street - 157th Street), the area is also service by LA County. Use this link to determine which agency or municipality provides services in your area. (LA County Service Locator)

Building Permits vs. Planning Permits

The following applications are designated as Building Permits. These permits are processed by the Building & Safety Department.

  • Building Permit (used for re-roofs, window and door swap out, demolition, additions, or alterations)
  • Electrical Permit
  • Grading Permit
  • Mechanical Permit
  • Miscellaneous Permit (used for new address assignments and certificate of occupancy)
  • Plumbing Permit
  • Sewer Permit
The following applications are designated as Planning Permits. These permits are processed by the Planning Department.
  • Fence Permit (for installing, modifying, or removing a fence)
  • Flatwork Permit (for yard landscaping, concrete and hardscape replacement and modifications)
  • Shed Permit (for building, installing, relocating, or removing a shed that is 120 sq.ft. or less)
  • Sign Permit
  • Temporary Banner/Sign Permit
Who Can Obtain a Permit?

A building permit will be issued to:

  1. A property owner, whose worksite is his/her principal residence and has occupied said property 12 months prior to the completion of the work. For more information, visit www.cslb.ca.gov.

  2. A licensed contractor. For more information, visit www.cslb.ca.gov.

When a permit is pulled, the signature and identity of the applicant must be verified. A California driver's license, State of California Identification Card, or other positive identification will meet this requirement.

Contractors working in the City of Lawndale are required to have a Lawndale business license.

If a contractor has employees, a Certificate of Workers' Compensation Insurance must be on file with the Planning and Building Department. Contractors working alone may waive this requirement, but must show a pocket copy of their State Contractors License.
Requirements for Contractors
When a contractor is pulling a permit on behalf of a property owner, they must statisfy the following requirements before permits can be issued:
  • Provide a copy of their driver's license and contractor's license
  • Fill out and turn in a Contractor Declaration Form for each job they do in the City
  • Provide proof that they have an active business license with the City of Lawndale. If a contractor needs to apply or renew a business license, they can go to this link
  • If an agent is pulling a permit on behalf of the contractor, the agent must provide a valid Authorization Letter and a copy of their valid driver's license
Requirements for Owner-Builder
If a property owner is planning to pull building permits for their property, they must meet the following criteria:
  • Subject address must be their primary residence
  • Property owner must reside on the property for a minimum of 12 months before they can apply for building permits
  • Provide a copy of a valid drivers license
  • Provide a copy of a recent utility bill (trash, water, gas, electricity)
  • Fill out and turn in an Owner-Builder Declaration Form
Look Up Contractor Information
Residents can visit https://cslb.ca.gov/Consumer.aspx to search for a contractor's license or view a database of registered contractor's in the state.

The department's counter is currently closed to the public due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Applicaitons, plans, payments, and other documents are still being processed utilizing the following methods:

Payment Notice:
Cash, credit cards, debit cards, and card authorization forms are not accepted at this time.

We are only accpeting check's, cashier's check's, and money orders made payable to the City of Lawndale at this time.

1. Drop-Off Bin:

Patron's can leave their application, plans, payments and documents inside the drop-off bin located just outside the main entrance doors of City Hall. The bin is available during our normal business hours: Monday - Thursday, 7 am to 6 pm.

Do not drop-off any items outside of these hours!

2. Mail

Patron's can also mail-in their items. Please using the following address to send in your item:

City of Lawndale
Community Development Department
14717 Burin Avenue
Lawndale, CA 90260

3. E-Mail:
Patron's may submit their applications and plans by e-mail by sending them to the following e-mail addresses:

Note: Physical copies of plans are still required when submitting new or revised plans.

Adrian Gutierrez
Phone: (310) 973-3230

Esequiel Pimentel
Phone: (310) 973-3236

4. Inspections:
To schedule an inspection, please call the following numbers:

Building: (310) 973-3236 or
Planning: (310) 973-3230

COVID-19: Procedural Changes
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