COVID-19: Procedural Changes

The department's counter is currently closed to the public due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Applicaitons, plans, payments, and other documents are still being processed utilizing the following methods:

Payment Notice:
Cash, credit cards, debit cards, and card authorization forms are not accepted at this time.

We are only accpeting check's, cashier's check's, and money orders made payable to the City of Lawndale at this time.

1. Drop-Off Bin:

Patron's can leave their application, plans, payments and documents inside the drop-off bin located just outside the main entrance doors of City Hall. The bin is available during our normal business hours: Monday - Thursday, 7 am to 6 pm.

Do not drop-off any items outside of these hours!

2. Mail

Patron's can also mail-in their items. Please using the following address to send in your item:

City of Lawndale
Community Development Department
14717 Burin Avenue
Lawndale, CA 90260

3. E-Mail:
Patron's may submit their applications and plans by e-mail by sending them to the following e-mail addresses:

Note: Physical copies of plans are still required when submitting new or revised plans.

Adrian Gutierrez
Phone: (310) 973-3230

Esequiel Pimentel
Phone: (310) 973-3236

4. Inspections:
To schedule an inspection, please call the following numbers:

Building: (310) 973-3236 or
Planning: (310) 973-3230

What is a General Plan?

A General Plan is a broad planning guideline to a city's or county's future development goals and provides policy statements to achieve those development goals. Citywide development and policies are based around this document.

This document is revised periodically to ensure that established policies are compliant with current standards and regulation, and that the established goals and policies aligned with the needs and interest of the residents.

General Plan & Specific Plan Update

ATTENTION RESIDENTS: Help shape the future of Lawndale by participating in the process to update our General Plan & Hawthorne Boulevard Specific Plan! Watch the video below to see learn about the importance of these updates. To stay up-to-date about this process, please go to:

Table of Contents for General Plan
Part I
  Title Page, Table of Contents, Introduction & Overview

Chapter II - Community Development
Sec. 1 - Land Use Element
Sec. 2 - Hawthorne Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan
(deleted from the Generla Plan, pursuant to Ordinance No. 809-96, adopted November 25, 1996)
Sec. 3 - Circulation Element
Sec. 4 - Housing Element 2013-21
Sec. 1 - Economic Development

Chapter III - Resource Management
Sec. 1 - Open Space
Sec. 2 - Conservation Element
Sec. 3 - Air Quality Management Plan

Chapter IV - Hazard Management
Sec. 1 - Safety Element (2015)
Sec. 2 - Noise Element
Amendments to the General Plan
Resolution CC-9112-93 | Approved: 12/17/1991
Update of 1991 General Plan

Resolution CC-9112-93 | Approved: 1/16/1992
Amends the 12/17/1991 update to the 1991 General Plan

Resolution CC-9207-62 | Approved: 7/16/1992
Further amends the 12/17/1991 update of the 1991 General Plan
and amends the Hawthorne Boulevard Specific Plan

Resolution CC-9306-36 | Approved: 6/3/1993
Amends land use designation, 14315 Mansel Ave., from general commercial to residential single-family medium

Ordinance No. 809-96 | Approved 11/25/1996
Hawthorne Boulevard Corridor Plan deleted and other Amendments

Resolution CC-9709-74 | Approved: 9/2/1997
Land use policy map designation, 19 areas

Resolution CC-9709-75 | Approved: 9/2/1997
Land use policy map designation, 15 areas, and Land Use Element policy changes regarding public facilities

Resolution CC-9711-97 | Approved: 11/3/1997
Land use policy map designation, 3 areas

Resolution CC-9712-107 | Approved: 12/1/1997
Land use policy map designation, 1 area

Resolution CC-9911-93 | Approved: 11/15/1999
Amends Land Use Element policies, commercial and/or residential uses as conditionally permitted to existing school sites

Ordinance No. 895-01 | Approved: 5/7/2001
Land Use Designation, 14723 - 14913 Prairie Ave, 4003-4012 W. 149th Street

Ordinance No. 923-02 | Approved: 5/21/2001
2000 - 2005 Housing Element Update

Resolution CC-0105-041 | Approved: 11/4/2002
Various Land Use Element and Hawthorne Boulevard Specific Plan Amendments

Resolution CC-0705-24 | Approved: 5/7/2007
Amends Land Use Plan, residential designations

Resolution CC-0706-38 | Approved: 6/18/2007
Amends land use map, redesignated properties east and west of commercial properties along Hawthorne Blvd. between Manhattan Beach Blvd. and 172nd St. as multi-family medium density.

Resolution CC-0903-21 | Approved: 6/1/2009
Amends land use map, redesignated specified properties as public facilities

Resolution CC-1401-02 | Approved: 1/6/2014
General Plan Amendment to update the Housing Element for the 2013-2021 cycle

Resolution CC-1608-53 | Approved: 8/15/2016
General Plan Amendment to update the Safety Element


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