Permits that have been finalized, cancelled, or expired have been scanned into the archive. If there are any active or open permits for a property, those permits will be uploaded into the archive once they are finalized or closed out.

Alphabetical Streets Numerical Streets
Artesia Blvd 145th St.
Avis Ave 147th St.
Burin Ave 148th St.
Condon Ave 149th St.
De Oro Lane (in progress) 152nd St.
Eastwood Ave 153rd Pl.
Firmona Ave 153rd St.
Freeman Ave 154th St.
Grevillea Ave 156th St.
Hawthorne Blvd 159th St.
Inglewood Ave 160th St.
Jefferson Ave (in progress) 161st St.
Kingsdale Ave 162nd St
Larch Ave 163rd St.
Lawndale Way (formerly 4400 blk 147th St) 164th St.
Manhattan Beach Blvd 165th St.
Mansel Ave 166th St.
Marine Ave (formerly Compton Blvd) 167th St.
Osage Ave 168th St.
Prairie Ave 169th St.
Redondo Beach Blvd 170th St.
Rixford Ave 171st St.
Rosecrans Ave 172nd St.
Sayler Ave 173rd St.
Sombra Ave  
Washington Ave  
Wharff Lane  
COVID-19: Procedural Changes

The department's counter is currently closed to the public due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Applicaitons, plans, payments, and other documents are still being processed utilizing the following methods:

Payment Notice:
Cash, credit cards, debit cards, and card authorization forms are not accepted at this time.

We are only accpeting check's, cashier's check's, and money orders made payable to the City of Lawndale at this time.

1. Drop-Off Bin:

Patron's can leave their application, plans, payments and documents inside the drop-off bin located just outside the main entrance doors of City Hall. The bin is available during our normal business hours: Monday - Thursday, 7 am to 6 pm.

Do not drop-off any items outside of these hours!

2. Mail

Patron's can also mail-in their items. Please using the following address to send in your item:

City of Lawndale
Community Development Department
14717 Burin Avenue
Lawndale, CA 90260

3. E-Mail:
Patron's may submit their applications and plans by e-mail by sending them to the following e-mail addresses:

Note: Physical copies of plans are still required when submitting new or revised plans.

Adrian Gutierrez
Phone: (310) 973-3230

Esequiel Pimentel
Phone: (310) 973-3236

4. Inspections:
To schedule an inspection, please call the following numbers:

Building: (310) 973-3236 or
Planning: (310) 973-3230

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