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City Council Meeting
07/06/2015 (6:30PM-...)
Planning Commission Meeting
07/08/2015 (6:30PM-...)
Beautification Committee Meeting
07/09/2015 (7:00PM-...)
Parks, Recreation & Social Services Commission
07/13/2015 (7:00PM-...)
Volunteer/Sponsor Dinner - Community Center Main Event Room
07/14/2015 (5:00PM-8:00PM)
Youth Advisory Committee
07/14/2015 (5:30PM-...)
Traffic Committee Meeting
07/16/2015 (2:00PM-...)
City Council Meeting
07/20/2015 (6:30PM-...)
Senior Citizen Advisory Committee
07/22/2015 (2:00PM-...)
Planning Commission Meeting
07/22/2015 (6:30PM-...)

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No Fireworks sign

Title Bullet A $1 bottle rocket could cost you $1000. Is it worth it?
Please only use safe & sane fireworks to celebrate! Click the heading for more info. (6.1.2015)

Title Bullet Keeping Your Pet Calm on the 4th of July
More pets run away on the Fourth of July than any other day - please take extra steps to ensure their safety. Keep a watchful eye on your pets during the commotion, and make sure your pet is wearing proper identification. Loud sounds trigger their nervous systems and they can become anxious or afraid - running away from the noise is a survival instinct. Here are some tips to help keep your dog calm:

Golden state water company logo
1. Preparation - Arrange to have your dog in a place where there won't be loud fireworks displays — a friend's or relative's home or a doggie day care with which your dog is familiar. If it's an unfamiliar place for your dog, take him over there a few times in the days before the holiday so that it won't be a surprise when you take him there on the Fourth.
2. Accommodation - If you cannot take your dog to a place away from fireworks, then have a travel kennel at home for him or her to feel safe in. If you're not going to be home, have a friend or sitter there to keep your dog company and take of them.

heart and please give blood

Title Bullet City of Lawndale Blood Drive on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 12:00pm-6:00pm (6.22.2015)

Title Bullet New Regulations - State Wide Water Use
In response to historic drought conditions, the Water Board has approved new regulations targeting a reduction in statewide water use. These new regulations will take effect on May 11, 2015 for Golden State Water customers. Click the following links for more information: English or Spanish.

Golden state water company logo


Under Construction sign

Title Bullet Lawndale City Construction Projects
- Construction Project Descriptions and Updates in Lawndale
- Construction Project Locations Map. (2.19.2015)

Title Bullet Get Wise About Wireless
Learn ways you can protect yourself and your cell phone.(3.12.2015)

7 smartphones and tablets in a row

Title Bullet The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is Now Hiring.

For more information call 1 (800) A-Deputy or visit us on the web at

Sheriff logo
Title BulletThe Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has a web page with information and updates about Ebola. Information can be found at the following web site: (11.04.2014)

California Department Public Health Logo
Cartoon of house

Title Bullet Beautification Committee – Vacancy
There is one vacancy on the Beautification Committee. We will accept applications until the position is filled. Click the heading above for information about the committee. For a copy of the application, Click here. (7.14.2014)

Did you receive notice of an upcoming electrical outage in your neighborhood? If you receive notice of a maintenance outage, it usually means important upgrades are coming to your neighborhood. Southern California Edison isolates the smallest possible area and provides advance notice so you can plan and enjoy your day. For more information, call the Outage Hotline at 800-611-1911 or go to the Outage center site at to get real time information on planned and unplanned outages. (9.22.2014)

Electrical Bulb
Title Bullet Lawndale Launches into Social Media
In an effort to reach Lawndalians where they are, the City of Lawndale is announcing the start of two social media advances via the platforms of YouTube and Nixle. Lawndale's new YouTube page is now showing recent Lawndale Living episodes, as cwell as important Public Service Announcements. The community can look forward to even more programming as Fall sports begin in September. The Mayor's Cup is just around the corner! Furthering Lawndale's steps into social media will be its use of Nixle for emergency preparedness and public safety information. Make sure that you sign up today to ensure you receive up-to-date bulletins and information on community happenings. (7.29.2014)
Lawndale City TV Logo

Title BulletLAWNDALE CITY TV – Original City Programming Now Available on the Web
Follow this link to the Lawndale City TV web page for original City programming such as Lawndale Living, The Safety Zone with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Lawndale Lifestyle, and public service announcements. (8.4.2014)

Title BulletWater Saving Tips To Use 20% Less Water

- Flyer
- Video


World with water

Title BulletReceive $2 per square foot for replacing your water wasting turf. (9.9.2014)

Title BulletChanges to the California Building Code Effective Jan. 1, 2014

Title BulletATTENTION - Individuals who may have performed work on the Lawndale's Playground Equipment Replacement Project
If you or anyone you know had worked for a contractor that assisted in the construction of the Lawndale's Playground Equipment Replacement Project from March 2014 to June 2014, you or they may qualify for unpaid wages. To review the list of affected contractors that have workers that may qualify for unpaid wages, please CLICK HERE. This notice will remain posted on this site until September 30, 2017. (9.4.2014)
Title BulletATTENTION - Individuals and Contractors who may have performed work on the Lawndale Community Center
If you or anyone you know had worked for a contractor that assisted in the construction of the Lawndale Community Center project from October 2010 to November 2012, you or they may qualify for unpaid wages. To review the list of potential contractors that have workers that may qualify for unpaid wages, please CLICK HERE. This notice will remain posted on this site until December 3, 2016 (5.12.2015)
Title Bullet Business and Multi-Family Waste Services Rate Calculator
You might be eligible to save money on your business or multi-family property trash services. By clicking the heading above, use our electronic CalRecycle Climate Calculator with your current trash bill to determine eligible savings! (10.31.2013)
Title BulletKeep Pet Waste from Reaching the Los Angeles Harbor
Failure to properly dispose of pet waste can result in pollution of the harbor and the ocean beyond. Please pick up after your pet. Click the heading above for more information about this serious problem. (4.23.2013)
Title Bullet Commodities Free Food Program
Nutritious food is distributed once a week to people who are income eligible. To participate, come to the Community Center Annex on Wednesday morning. Click the heading above for more information. (10.27.2011)
Title Bullet You May Qualify for a Utility Users Tax Exemption
If you are a Lawndale resident senior 65 years or older, or meet the Social Security Administration criteria of a blind or disabled person, or income does not exceed the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) established income limits for very low income families, you may qualify for a Utility Users Tax (UUT) exemption. For more information, or to download an application, please click here.(3.4.2014)
Title Bullet South Bay Metro Green Line Extension Through Lawndale
Metro is considering an extension of the Green Line from the Marine Avenue Station south to Torrance using existing railroad tracks. This could generate noise and disrupt cross traffic in Lawndale residential neighborhoods. Share your opinions with Metro or have your name added to its mailing list by signing on to:
Title BulletResidential No-Burn Alerts – click here to check on today's status
Visit the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) website for no-burn notices and air quality updates. (3.6.2014)


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