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Metro invites you to attend a community meeting to discuss the Green Line Extension to Torrance project. During these meetings, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the project and provide input on the alternatives being evaluated. Click the heading for more information.

What is the Proposed South Bay Green Line Extension?

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) serves as transportation planner and coordinator, designer, builder and operator for Los Angeles County. Metro has a fact sheet on their webpage that can be accessed at: https://media.metro.net/projects_studies/southbay/images/factsheet_southbay.pdf.

Metro is conducting an environmental review of the South Bay Metro Green Line Extension to examine options for extending rail service into the South Bay. Metro completed an Alternatives Analysis (AA) study that evaluated potential alternatives that could use the Metro-owned railroad right-of-way known as the “Harbor Subdivision.”  In Lawndale, these are the tracks currently used by the BNSF Railroad that run approximately one block east of Inglewood Avenue starting just north of Manhattan Beach Boulevard cutting through to the south border of the city (Artesia Boulevard).

Measure R provides $272 million for the South Bay Metro Green Line Extension, partial funding for a rail extension to Redondo Beach with a possible connection to Torrance. For more information about Measure R see: http://www.metro.net/projects/measurer/

Metro conducted a scoping study of four alternatives:

  1. No Build
  2. Transportation Systems Management (TSM-low cost bus and signal improvements)
  3. Light Rail
    1. Installation of a new light rail line down the railroad right-of-way.  To be determined is whether the lines will be overhead, at grade or below grade.
  4. Freight Track
    1. Operating transit along the existing freight track lines.

Also see Metro's overview webpage for more information: https://www.metro.net/projects/green-line-extension/

What has been done so far?

Metro held a series of public scoping meetings for the South Bay Metro Green Line Extension in the spring of 2010 to introduce the project and to solicit public input on the project's purpose and need, the alternatives to be studied and potential environmental issues.  A scoping meeting was held May 1, 2010 at Lawndale City Hall.  Here are links to further information about the scoping meetings:

As part of this process, the City of Lawndale also sent a letter expressing the City’s concerns regarding the project. To view the letter, click here: http://www.lawndalecity.org/PDFs/Special/MayorslettertoMetro052710.pdf

The City remains extremely concerned about the negative impacts this project might have on our community and will stay engaged in all steps of this process to ensure that Lawndale’s best interests are looked after.

What is going to be done now?

Metro has drafted an environmental impact report (draft EIR) to analyze the environmental impacts of the proposed alternatives. See Metro's overview on environmental impacts:

The original date to complete the Green Line Extension through Lawndale was 2035. In June 2013, the Metro Board voted to seek funding to move the project forward 12 years so that it would be completed in 2023. At this time, Metro has not yet secured full funding to accelerate the Green Line schedule and until it does the construction schedule stays at the 2035 date. The release date for the EIR has not been determined. The EIR will be released once the proposed completion date has been determined.

The City will receive a copy of this draft EIR and will be prepared to respond thoroughly to that document. The City will analyze the document carefully to ensure that all potential negative impacts to the community have been accounted for and reduced appropriately. The draft EIR will be a public document and we encourage all members of the community to join your voices to the City's effort by commenting on it.

How do I contact Metro about my concerns and/or to be placed on Metro's mailing list?

It is not too late to get involved in this project or receive information about it.  Follow this link to add your name to Metro’s mailing list or make a comment: https://www.metro.net/projects/green-line-extension/get-involved/

You can also contact Metro directly, as follows:

Meghna Khanna, Project Manager
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
One Gateway Plaza, M/S 99-22-3
Los Angeles, CA 90012

E-mail: greenlineextension@metro.net
Tel: 213.922.4004
Fax: 213.922.8868

Is there a contact person at the City of Lawndale?

If you have questions, contact the Community Development Department at agutierrez@lawndalecity.org or (310) 973-3230.

The City will also be adding information as it becomes relevant, so please check back often.

For more information on our finances, visit our Finance Department page.

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