Program Description

The Parks and Recreation Division's programs provide opportunities for the healthy and productive use of leisure time for people of all ages, that build strong families and healthy community relations. Programs offered to the community include competitive and non-competitive team sports, park activities, arts and crafts, summer wading pools, and VolunTeens. Recreation programs are divided into these categories.

Sports: Youth basketball and soccer leagues, adult and teen badminton league, and introduction of sports and skill building classes for children and youth.

Youth Programs: Classes such as pee wee sports (ages 3 to 5), karate (ages 4+), pre-school drawing (ages 3 1/2 to 5), and elementary drawing (ages 6 to 12).

Pre-registration is generally required for our activities. For some of our activities, a valid photo ID or birth certificate of the child to be signed up may be required. Prices will vary based on the activity.

For additional information about specific programs, call us at (310) 973-3270. To sign up, fill out the Activity/Class Registration Form and bring necessary information to the Community Services Department located in the Lawndale Community Center at 14700 Burin Avenue.

For a list of our current programs, click here.

Class and Program Refunds

uytInterested in being a Contract Instructor?
Interested in being a Contract Instructor?The City of Lawndale has ongoing needs for contract instructors who can bring new and exciting services to our community in the form of classes or workshops. Contract instructors do not rent facilities from the City, however, a percentage of their fees are collected for facility use, department staffing, registration, and advertisement in our Lawndalian newsletter. Any new instructors interested in teaching will need to fill out a contract class proposal form with an attached résumé (reference list included) and submit it to the Community Services Department located at 14700 Burin Avenue in Lawndale, California. New proposals must be submitted 3 months prior to the start date of classes. All classes and programs are reviewed by the Community Services Department before the start date. For more information please contact the Community Services Department at (310) 973-3270 or email Jennifer Muelot at

Contract Class Proposal


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