Ohio says 'no' to international observers in polling places fs

When the city conducts an election, the elections official is required by state law to prepare a certified statement of the results of the election and to submit it to the City Council within 28 days of the election. Since January 1, 2014, the law also requires the elections official to post the certified statement of the election results on the city's website for at least ten years following the election.

Certified statements of results are available for the following elections:

2006 Election for mayor, councilmember, city clerk

2008 Election for mayor, councilmember, city clerk, measure A (Shall the City of Lawndale be authorized to build a new community center to house after-school youth programs; senior programs; increase opportunities for recreational, arts and cultural programs; and provide space for community meetings, special events, staffing and other community purposes; by spending more than one million dollars of City funds with no increase in City taxes and subject to citizens' oversight and annual independent audits?)

2010 Election for mayor, councilmember, city clerk

2012 Not available, election cancelled

2014 Election for mayor, councilmember, city clerk

2016 Election for mayor, councilmember


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